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Science is the most high profile course you can choose for your study in grade XI and XII. The Science stream make you eligable for any stream and faculty in the bachalour degree. 


So Most of the students having good grade are choosing the science stream. As the science provide high level of possibilities in the same manner it is assumed to be difficult stream as well.


Carrier, You have Through Science Stream.

1. Medical Science

             a. MBBS

             B. Bachalour in Dentistry

             C. Pharmacy

             D. Radiography.

             E. Lab Technician

             F. Nursing

2. Engeneering

             A. Civil

             B. Architecture

             C. Electronics & Electrical

             D. Software or Computer

             E. Mechanical

             F. Auto Mechanical

3. Information Technology.

              A. BSc CSIT

              B. BIT

              C. BCA

4. Food and Dairy

5. Agriculture

6. Pure Science

7. Management or field out of science faculty

Sujbect of Grade XI

1. English

2. Physics

3. Chemistry

4. Mathematics

5. Elective

    a. Biology

    b. Computer


Subject For Grade XII

1. English

2. Nepali

3. Physics

4 Chemistry

5. Elective

    a. Biology

    b. Mathematics(Can be choosen by the biogroup as well as 6th non credit subect)