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BBS is the ideal degree for the students want to gain the skill and knowledge of the managment in the affordable fees. BBS is the bachalour degree affiliated to TU. This program is running under the name of Rolwaling College sister organisation of Grand Academy. Rolwaling college provides the best envrionment for the BBS students to enrich there professional skills and knowledge in order to compete wiith the dynamic job market and the society.




Subjects of 1st Year

1. Business Statistics

2. Principle of Management

3. Accountancy

4. Economics

  5. Business English

Subjects of 2nd Year


1. Business Communication


2. Fundamentals Of Marketing


3.Cost Of Management Accounting


4. Macro Economics


5. Fundamentals Of Human Resource Management



Subjects of 3rd Year


1. Business Law


2. Business Environment & Stratregic



3. Fundamentals Of Financial Management


4. Fundamentals Of Taxation And Auditing


5. Organization Behavior


Subjects of 4rd Year


1. Enterpeneurship and Enterprise Developement


2. Business Research Method


3. Finance Group

    a. Fundamental of Investment

    b. Corporate Finance

    c. Financial Institution & Market


3. Marketing Group

    a. Fundamental of Service Marketing

    b. Fundamental of Advertising

    c. Fundamental of Selling